Saturday, July 25, 2009

Life-less Suva streets

Suvasmidnitetales is not at all enjoying mucking around Suva streets at nights.

This because the street is relatively empty with nothing much wacky happening around.

Before during weekends (especially Fridays & Saturdays) the streets would liven-up with interesting people wandering around in search for life-out-at-nite !

But recently (maybe because of heavy security regulations or the concerning globalization) the streets are are empty and life-less.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Safer Suva

Suva’s street is relatively safe after midnight!

According to a source, she finds mucking around the Suva streets the best way to release stress.

Source: “Apart from the street boys asking 50 cents, all is okay around the main city during the wee hours.”

Seems the Police Crusade and Army Drills having lot effect on people!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Disloyal taxi drivers

Don’t ever trust taxi driver’s providing services in Suva … they simply are not worth to be!

Last week I took a cab from Robertson Road (around 1am). After dropping my friend in Vatuwaqa, I asked the driver to drop me at Khalsa Road.

Hectic day coupled with brace of comedy flicks instantly sent me to the dreamlands on the back seat.

But I woke up well before my destination. The fare meter read $8.40.

Half doped with the ‘catnap’, I handed the driver $20 – thinking it was $10.

The driver said that he did not had the change so I tried using my mathematical skills and gave him $0.40 asking him to give me back $2 only! (actually should be $12).

The driver paused for sometime and gave me $2 and drove away with the rest of my change.

It took a while for my ever energetic brain to click – I was been cheated!

According to my friend whom I dropped on my way home, the taxi drivers intentionally say that ‘they don’t have change.’

And what … the next time I caught a cab, I forced by eyes to keep alive – who knows what the taxi drivers may up to?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Interesting conversation with a lustrous taxi driver !

This is follow-up to the earlier posts on taxi drivers.

Suvasmidnitetale was lucky to catch a cab at Village Six frontier one Saturday night (around 12am).

The driver stooped the cab opposite to where these Chinese vessels are being harbored.

A girl aged maybe around 20 to 25 years was waiting for someone at bridge (back of the Suva market).

Here’s the conversation between the taxi driver and the girl.

Taxi Driver: “Where are you going?”

Girl: “Lami”

Driver: “Come … I will drop you on my way. Are you alone?”

Girl: “No, Im waiting for someone”

Driver: “Oye … okay then”.

Driver (turning to Suvasmidnitetale): “Gang ... if this girl would have been alone, I would have given her the lift and after dropping you … I would have f’’’’’ her and then drop her home hahahahaha”.

Suvasmidnitetales: “Driver man… you gaa really dangerous huh?’

Driver: “That’s what we do when working late at night. We get plenty mucking around the streets.”

No wonder why taxi's doesn’t stop for the males after midnight!

Where is a cab when you need one?!

One of the many problems faced by night dwellers is finding a cab in the early wee hours of the morning.

Suvasmidnitetales stresses this issue after hearing so much complaints from taxi drivers and unions through the media alike on how fuel prices are rising and how it is hard to earn a decent wage nowadays...blah blah blah.

Well if its so hard than to earn a decent wage than these taxi drivers should not be choosy in picking up passengers because it is totally frustrating when one tries to stop a cab and fails in the attempt to do so.

According to a frequent nocturnal person, he finds it annoying when he tries to stop a cab and the cab doesn't stop for him but does so for women who are few meters behind you.

From these bias motives one can only succumb to the notion why people STEP taxis or why there are so many taxi driver assault cases nowadays!

...something for taxis drivers to think about in the near future when they decide to play the choosing game!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Love Ride

The city of Suva has a wide range of buses that offer it's residents transport to and fro the city. Well obviously there is no other definition of riding a bus than to basically get from point A to point B!

Well according to reliable sources there is a special bus that en routes along the sea walls at a certain time that could be deemed 'wacky'.

Suvasmidnitetales did a fair bit of snooping and found out that what makes this bus special or 'wacky' is that this bus caters for couples or random people who would enjoy a bus ride in a moonlit night smooching or resting in each others arm during the duration of this bus ride.

Ironically this bus ride has been termed the 'night bus' and only operates at a particular time every Thursday to Saturday nights.

The 'night bus' according to a very reliable source says that this bus ride is primarily for romantic couples, lovers or people who would like to enjoy the beautiful scenery the nasese route has to offer..."nothing is more romantic when you are riding a bus with old school romantic love songs playing in the background, with your partner putting his arm around your shoulder and at the same time enjoying the exquisite view of the ocean and the bright flicking lights the Lami harbour has to offer with the wind blowing into your faces bringing in that inspirational feeling."

Needless to say for a bus ride to be sooo romantic...the bus fare is still $.70cents!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fresh Halal Bread !!!

This actually happened couple of weeks ago.

We (my loyal nite rovers) came back from a youth seminar at Toorak and decided to watch the 11.30pm Star Trek show at the Village Six Cinema's.

We finished off the movie at around 2am and went off hunting for cabs to drop us home.

Guess what ... we actually walked from the market to the Reagent Taxi's stand in Toorak.

At about 3am we were half dead as almost all of ours eyes losing the fight against the gravity ... I saw something interesting.

There was this poster on one of the shops (opposite Sunia Cama's Apartment) which read "FRESH HALAL BREAD".

I tell you what ... we had a big laugh over the poster !!!!

Well the thing we knew was HALAL word is used on meats only ... it left us wondering what it has to do with the bread !!

Talk about funny manipulative advertisements ... this was a good example !